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ASICS GLIDERIDE Performance Review

After MetaRide released on February, 2019, Ride series released the running shoes ASICS GLIDERIDE with GuideSole technology which are customized for most of the runners.

Unboxing & Appearance

ASICS held a competition in Utah on Sept. 7th. 30 peoples who comes from different countries and have different sports level come to visit this competition. The result indicates that every runner’s performance improved by an average of 24%, and their actual running times and mileage exceed individual expectations, which shoes the advantages of Glideride.

  1. Insole: The insole Guidesole is arc-shaped structure. It has the effect to push the runners to move forward when running. It can save the runner’s energy.
  2. The insole of GlideRide uses guide structure. The upper layer is FlyteFoam Lyte light cushion technology. The light and durable organic fiber energy will brings excellent cushion performance to you. And the sublayer use FlyteFoam Propel foaming technology. FlyteFoam make the sole light, and Propel can offer resilience. With such combination, it will bring enduring elastic and cushion performance.
  3. It still uses classic GEL on the shoe heel of FlyteFoam insole. It can reduce the impact force when falling to the ground. It not only brings the comfort feeling, but also protect your feet.
  4. GildeRide is the great and classic running technology. As the star technology of ASICS, 3D Guidance Line can make you running more stable.

The Arah Plue outsole is durable. The mesh grain of outsole can offer excellent traction  performance.

  1. The shoe-pad is comfortable design.

Performance Review:

  1. Comfort Level

I feel wired when wearing ASICS GLIDERIDE in the beginning. The radian of shoe head is a little exaggerated. But it’s stable than normal running shoes. The GUIDESOLE design can push you to go ahead. So it’s bound to run. It’s not suitable to be a pair of casual shoes.

  1. Fit & Support

ASICS GLIDERIDE uses knitted mesh and TPU coating film shoe lacing holes, which has good air permeability, stability and durability.

The main advantages of ASICS GLIDERIDE is resilience and cushion performance. Ascis always pay much attention on the arch supporting performance. But Metaride and Gilderide de-emphasize the arch supporting performance. It only has a 3D Guidance Line.

  1. Cushion Performance & Abrasive Resistance

As we mentioned, GlideRide uses guiding type insole structure. The combination of FlyteFoam and Propel have the light weight and good resilience. Although the area of GEL on the shoe heel is not bigger than MetaRide, but the cushion performance is good enough.

For the abrasive resistance, as it uses AHAR PLUS durable rubber outsole, I only run about 43km, so I can’t see the difference of sole at present.

  1. Appearance & Weight

The appearance of GlideRide is different with previous Asics series running shoes. It looks dynamic.

The unit weight of GlideRide is about 295g. It’s a little heavy for the speed type runners.


The appearance of GlideRide is cool, it has 3 colorways, black, blue and red. I prefer to the red one. As the red one is attractive.

GlideRide is made for the beginning runners. If you don’t pursue the fast speed and need a pair of shoes with good comfort level, protection and economic, you can choose GlideRide. It’s very suitable for jogging. The overall performance of GlideRide is good. But the unit weight 295g is too heavy, so it’s not suitable for competition. But due to its good cushion performance and protection, it can satisfy the request of daily training.