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NIKE Hyperdunk 2011 Supreme Performance Review

Hyperdunk 2011 Supreme

Tester’s information:

Height: 188cm

Weight: 68-70kg

Testing Time: More than 10 basketball games

Court: outdoor cement court

Traction Performance:8.5 scores

The outsole of forefoot is cyclic annular pattern and divided herringbone. And the rear sole is herringbone pattern. The traction performance is great. But it’s easy to absorb dust.

Durability: 8 scores

The depth of cyclic annular pattern is not deeper than herringbone pattern. So the abrasive resistance is not great.

Cushion Performance: 9 scores

The forefoot sole is oval.  The forefoot sole uses fanshaped air cushion and rear sole uses thick rectangle air cushion. It collocates with phylon. This kind of configuration is enough for me. The cushion performance is great.

Fitness: 10 scores

Hyperdunk 2011 uses Flywire material. After fastening the shoelaces, Hyperdunk 2011 will fit your foot very well. The Supreme version has useful external counter on the ankle part. It’s middle type, it can offer good safety and enough flexibility. It’s suitable for most of people

Vamp Support: 10 scores

The mesh fabric of vamp is stiff. With Flywire and TPU surrounding the forefoot sole. The insole has upturning design. The counter on rear sole can fix the shoe heel very well. And it doesn’t lose the flexibility.

Anti-rollover Performance:9.5 scores
It has obvious outrigger. The TPU and phylon insole has upturning design. The vamp support and fitness of Hyperdunk 2011 is great. The anti-rollover performance is good.

Anti-torsion performance: 10 scores

Except Hyperdunk 2011 Low version uses 3d glass reinforced composite as shank.

It should be the only NIKE shoes which uses 3d glass reinforced composite for torsion resistance.

Air Permeability: 8 scores

Although it’s mesh fabric, but the density is high. So the air permeability is not excellent.

Weight: 10 scores

The unit weight is 382g. It’s already very light with such configuration

Design:10 scores

Leo Cheng is the designer who is well-known by using the new technology. But new technology doesn’t mean perfect. I think that Hyperdunk 2011 is a pair of perfect basketball shoes. Although it doesn’t have new cushion technology, but the fitness, vamp supporting performance, anti-torsion performance and weight are perfect. And many colorways are cool
Overall: 93 scores

Hyperdunk 2011 is my first pair of Nike basketball shoes. It’s cool. I have several pairs of Hyperdunk series basketball shoes. But Hyperdunk 2011 Supreme is the best one. The appearance is cool and it has excellent performance. It’s worthy to have a try if you like it.