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Nike Kyrie 2,is it best option ?

Been on a break over the holidays but now Nike Kyrie 2. Kyrie Irving is back from injury and looks like he hasn’t missed a beat. Nike Kyrie 2 was showed up , let us get it !

1,Super grip

The Nike Kyrie 2 use the special design this time . Its shape of rounded in the toe which feet  have an area to bounce,The player who like running speed will like it .  And Nike  utilized a multi-directional traction pattern with the use of a pivot circle in the the center,that is for turn flawless by myself . The outsole is also wide enough to keep your feet planted at all times without worrying about rolling over. Whether playing on a clean, dusty, or outdoor court, these things gripped the floor perfectly .

2,Strap,specially designed

The wrap of Kyrie 2 is pretty good , especially add the midfoot strap , it is just like icing on the cake.

The midfoot strap keeps your ankle and heel locked in nicely and I didn’t feel any slippage on any of my runs. The shoe is pretty low to the ground, even with its rounded bottom, which adds to the stability and support of the Kyrie 2.



You have mesh overlays and hyperfuse backing along the upper, with a softer padded mesh material around the ankle and heel area. . Less fuse and more mesh or even knit uppers. It does do its job though, providing more structure, durability and support especially for someone with Kyrie’s style of play. But because of the toe of shoes is solid , Kyrie 2 have more still , i would prefer like to soft material.


This time around, they placed the Zoom unit in the heel on the Kyrie 2 for added impact protection. It’s a similar setup but I would rather feel the Zoom on the forefoot where most of the pressure, especially for guards .I didn’t feel any bounce on the forefoot area, but I did feel something there with the rounded outsole feature. It wasn’t bouncy but it wasn’t stiff at all too. The player wear two hours ,i felt a little sore .

Overall , the Kyrie 2 is a solid shoe, with improvements done on each aspect from the Kyrie 1. You get solid traction, fit, lock-down, plus a really good looking shoe. It is perfect for guards who want a lot of court feel and responsiveness on their moves with the low to the ground set up For those who love crossovers and sudden change in directions, this may be the best shoe for you. The firmness of the Kyrie 2 setup not always for everyone , especially thees who want a shoe loaded with cushioning .


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